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A Little Bit Of Sunshine

 Well I love a good Canadian winter just as much as the next girl but will never turn down a getaway and some fun in the sun. I am going to be heading to the caribbean for a week or so but don’t worry. I will be back in Canada nice and refreshed and ready to tend to all your permanent makeup and eyelash extension needs March 6th. Be sure to give us a call and book in before your vacations and look great on the beach without worrying about your eyeliner or eyebrows washing away in the ocean or melting away in the heat!  xo Ashley


Joe came to me two years ago and had no eyebrows at all as you can see in a previous post below. He came back just a couple of weeks ago for a touch up and wanted to have a bit of a fuller look so here is what we did. Keep in mind this is right after so they’re a little dark but once they lighten a shade or two he’ll have very natural, full, masculine looking eyebrows. He’ll be coming in again next week for a follow up so keep checking in to see the result!

Esthetik Fetish

Great News! Esthetik Fetish’s new Website is up and running, Check out their talented staff and full menu of services!

Specialty Work / Hair Strokes

I’ve had some interest lately in Individual Hair Strokes which are beautiful but quite the process. I had a gentlemen come in awhile back and he was looking to have his eyebrows done. This was a first for me but I was excited to step up to the challenge! Although it was a bit of a process it was well worth it in the end.(be sure to Scroll down and click on all the images for a full size view!)

For those of you wondering what it looks like and what the process is her you go….


After the first Session:

The Hairs look very defined and almost painted on but when they fade after a few days they will have a much more natural look 

After the second session:

The Hairs from the first session have completely healed allowing us to layer more hairs in the brows to give a fuller more natural look

After the third session:

This is where we are mainly adding all the final touches and have a pretty good idea of what the final result will look like. Once completely healed this man will have the illusion of full handsome brows!


Leaving Texas









I would just like to thank everyone for all the support I’ve had over the years here in Friendswood, Pearland and Houston Texas. I am  going to be heading to see my clients in Brantford, Cambridge, Paris, Ancaster, Hamilton, Waterloo, Simcoe, Kitchener and welcome new one’s from all over Ontario Canada this December. I think this trip will be a record for me as I am going to be in the greater Toronto area indefinitely.  So if you have been putting off having your permanent makeup touched up or that other procedure done, now is the time to do it. I won’t be back in Texas for a visit until April of 2012.    XO, Ashley

Ladies Night Out

A few weeks back I threw an appreciation night at Hired Hands Day Spa for my clients. We had giveaways, complimentary hair and makeup along with arm massages while you waited for our photographer to take your portrait. Thanks to all that were involved (you know who you are) and everyone that came to our Ladies night. I can’t wait for the next one. Here’s a few photos for those who missed out.

xo Ashley



I would like to welcome everyone to my new site. It’s been a long time coming but I’m excited to have a format to keep in touch with everyone more frequently.  I’d like to encourage you all to check my new site frequently for updates on travel plans to your area, promotions, giveaways, as well as ladies nights and other events that I will be having frequently.

– Xo Ashley