Softap Permanent Makeup Services

Permanent Lip Color

Permanent lip color adds definition in an attractive and time saving way.  It eliminates the need for lip liner as well as lipstick.  After your treatment, you will look well groomed, polished, and have a healthy glow without looking overly made-up.  The lip colors used are very natural and soft.  All colors are customized to your unique skin tone and are a great base for any desired lipstick or gloss.

Permanent Lip Color – $450 – $550

Touch Up – $250  – $325

Permanent Brow Make Up

Permanent cosmetics will maintain your ideal brow shape and achieve a much more natural look than traditional make-up.  This procedure eliminates the worry of applying the ideal brow shape everyday and the concern of accidentally wiping it away.

Permanent Brow – From $375

Touch Up – $190-$225


Permanent Eye Liner

Permanent eyeliner softly defines eyes, enhances natural beauty and compliments eye color.  You will look your best all the time and feel confident.

Top or Bottom Only – From $300

Top & Bottom Both – From $350

Touch up – $190-$225

Beauty Marks – $65 & up

All Beauty Marks can be priced on an individual basis and can be discussed with Ashley in a free consultation.

Corrections – $100 & up

All corrections are priced on an individual basis and can be discussed with Ashley in a free consultation.

Scar Camouflage – $100 & up

All scar camouflage is priced on an individual basis and can be discussed with Ashley in a free consultation.

Areola Restoration – $100 & up

All areola restoration is priced on an individual basis and can be discussed with Ashley in a free consultation.

Eyelash Extensions

Have the Eyelashes you’ve always wanted and eliminate the need for mascara.
Eyelash Extensions will give you the length, fullness and rich color you’ve always wanted.

**Call for current pricing and for answers to any questions you may have!**

Semi-Permanent, Individual Eyelash Extensions

A complete set starts at $250

Touchups for maintaining lashes are recommended every 2-4 weeks to replace fallen lashes. Touchup prices range from $55 – $90.

Eyelash Extensions

Semi-Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions

If you have ever fantasized about what it would be like to never worry about mascara again, you’re dreams have come true! That’s right ladies, envy those women with naturally long, beautiful lashes no longer! Semi-permanent lash extensions are beautiful and practical! They’ll give you the look you’ve been wanting for years!!!

Make no mistake, these are not your mother’s false eyelashes. A breakthrough in eyelash application technology, optimum quality products and a careful application technique allow the application of one lash at a time onto the existing natural lash. The result is longer and fuller, completely natural looking eyelashes that will last for weeks with proper care.

“If you’re still not convinced”

Lash extensions are undeniably sexy, sensual and incredibly natural looking. Lash extensions are weightless, feel and look like real lashes. They are perfect for anyone who wants longer, thicker, more defined eyelashes.

The lashes are made from synthetic material and are curved to make them look natural when applied. The polypeptide (building block of proteins) bonding agent bonds the synthetic lash to the natural lash and allows the lash to remain flexible. Sleep, shower, and even swim and still look great.


* Lasts up to 2 Months
* Longer, Thicker Lashes
* Natural, Weightless Lashes
* Fuller, More Defined Eyes
* Resistant to Water, Sweat and Tears
* Customized Lash Lengths


Lashes last about as long as the eyelash growth cycle, approximately 100 days. In order to maximize your lash extension wear, proper care is required:

* Avoid water on your lashes the first 2 hours after treatment
* Avoid steam (hot tub, etc.) and swimming 2 days after treatment
* Avoid wearing mascara, especially waterproof , and using eye makeup remover
* Never perm your lash extensions
* Never use an eyelash curler
* Never rub or otherwise agitate lashes, always gently pat lashes dry after cleansing