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Finding The Perfect Brow Colour


I had a lady come in to have her Eyebrows done with me this week who at first glance seemed like any other client so my mind immediately went through colour options I was going to use for her. Luckily as a part of my process I begin by applying the pigment I think we should use to her actual skin to see how her undertones will affect the colour. To my surprise none of the colours matched properly, they all pulled too warm (red/yellow) and too cool (blue/grey/green). In the ten years I have been doing permanent makeup I have never had this happen. I was so surprised and excited for the challenge. After a long process and multiple attempts at mixing different custom colours, I finally found the perfect match by using camouflage and eyeliner colours of all things. It was beautiful and matched perfectly! So, the morale of this story, always make sure your technician does a colour test prior to applying anything permanently!