Working full time and being a mom of four I don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. Having my eyeliner done allows me to jump out of the shower and run out the door. I know that I look great without having to do anything.

Kristi Bracken. (Eyeliner)


I’ve never really done much with my eyebrows but my daughter in-law convinced me to have them done and it’s been wonderful. I’ve had so many compliments and feel like I’ve had a non-surgical brow lift. I recommend Ashley to Everyone.

Deena Brown (Eyebrows)


I was tired of trying eyeliner after eyeliner to find one that wouldn’t smudge when I found Ashley. She was Excellent and very caring during the process. Even my husband likes how my eyes look.

Karen Ediger. (Eyebrows and Eyeliner)


After my Chemotherapy I had no eyebrows left and applying makeup caused pain in my hands. During my session I felt no pain and have had no problems. Now, I no longer have to struggle to apply makeup, I wake up and it’s there. I am very happy with the results.

*This photo was taken 2 days after the procedure

Wanda Miller. (Eyeliner and Eyebrows) 


I didn’t like the way my eyebrows were shaped so my daughter arranged an appointment with Ashley for me. I found the experience pleasant, restful and had no pain. I love the new shape.

*This photo was taken 4 days after the procedure

Lois K. Campbell.(Eyebrows)


I was tired of having my eyeliner running all the time and meeting Ashley finally convinced me to have my eyeliner done permanently. She listened to the look I was trying to achieve and was great with suggestions. All five of my sisters love my eyeliner!

Sophie Foran. (Eyeliner)



It was getting harder for me to see to apply my eyebrows without my glasses and I was tired of having to apply them everyday. I went to another location to have them done and was very unhappy with the work they did. Ashley reshaped them and corrected the previous work. Now my brows look much better and I am very happy.

 Darla Denny. (Eyebrows)


A friend referred me to Ashley and I’m glad she did. Ashley created the look I wanted and I am very happy with my eyeliner. I have referred her to family and friends.

Gina Talbert. (Eyeliner)


I have had all three procedures done and the biggest reaction I had gotten from my new look is WOW! I love my makeup and its timeless beauty. I have recommended many friends and clients of mine to Ashley and will continue to do so. I really feel my makeup makes me look younger.*Lips and Eyebrows three days after procedure

 Leslie Smith-Mederos. (Eyeliner, Eyebrows and Full Lips)


I’ve always had uneven eyebrows and struggled to draw them on evenly. It’s great to have them there already and save me the hassle of getting it right every day.

Jeanne Brown. (Eyebrows)


After looking into my 10X magnifying mirror it dawned on me that I’m getting older. That’s when I picked up Ashley’s card and gave her a call and I’m sure glad I did. Since having my permanent makeup done I’ve had so many compliments and just love my new look. I tell anyone who will listen about Ashley and will follow her wherever she goes even if it means a trip to Canada!

Suzanne Larsen. (Eyebrows and Eyeliner)


My friend Suzanne Larsen introduced me to Ashley and I’m so glad she did. After years of dealing with blonde eyelashes and eyebrows the thought of having more color I didn’t have to mess with sounded great. Once Ashley sat down with me and explained in detail the procedure I was hooked.  I love the color I have and that it helps to cover my age spots. I still get compliments wherever I go.

Johnnie L. Fisk. (Eyebrows and Eyeliner)


I love my Dramatic Eyelashes, and so does everyone I talk to about them.

Amy Smith. (Eyelash Extensions)


I have alopecia areta and have been losing my eyebrow hair so my hairstylist recommended I see Ashley. Now, I don’t have to worry about losing the shape of my eyebrow. I also love that it is not very noticeable which is great for me! Ashley was very sweet and gave me a very natural look which is exactly what I wanted.

 Jessica Villarreal. (Eyebrow)


I started thinking about having my eyebrows done because they have been thinning out. After a consultation with Ashley she reassured me and I felt comfortable that I would have a very natural look. Only a few people have even noticed that I’ve had something done which is exactly what I wanted. I have perfect eyebrows without having to do anything!

Donna Williams. (Eyebrows) 


Ashley was my first introduction to permanent makeup and I’m glad she was. She listened to what I wanted, explained the procedure and healing process well and really made me feel at ease. I’m happy with the natural result and the ease of having permanent makeup.

Shannon Trochesset. (Eyeliner, Full Lip)


My friends think it’s wonderful and very natural looking. It took me several years to get brave enough to have this done and I’m glad I waited until I found Ashley.

Jean Burke. (Eyeliner)