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Having Your Permanent Eyeliner Done Correctly

I’ve been doing a lot of corrections lately and two of the most common mistakes I’ve found that previous technicians are making when it comes to eyeliner have to do with colour and design.

First of all we’ll talk about colour:

When choosing a colour for eyeliner, it is very important to stay in the warm tones, your technician should have an understanding of which of their colours are warmer or cooler. Even if you are wanting a black eyeliner it is important for most women to have a warm black. That basically means that the undertones in the colour have at least a hint of red to it. This is what stops the black from turning blue. I have corrected more blue eyeliner in the past ten years than I can count. The reason it turns blue is because we have very thin delicate skin around our eyes which carries a lot of blue undertones for most women. When you apply a cooler undertone to the eyes, it can look washed out and turn into what I like to call a tattoo blue. When you apply a warmer tone to the eyes, it cuts the blue undertone and you end up with a soft colour that makes your eyes pop. It can be difficult to eliminate the blue tone once applied so be sure to do your research and ask your technician about the colour choices. I always let my clients see how the colour will look on their skin before anything permanent is applied.

Second we will talk about design:

I’ve done quite a bit of correcting in my studio lately because women have had their  liner done elsewhere and the line, aside from being blue, is beginning above the lash line. When this happens the liner does not look completed. When you see skin colour at the base of and in the lashes and then see a permanent line of colour applied above the lash line it simply looks unfinished. When applying a permanent eyeliner the line should begin right in the lashes. This gives you a seamless look and the illusion of having fuller darker lashes as well. The softap method is so gentle that there is no risk of damaging the hair follicle in the lash line. That’s how we can create beautiful seamless eyeliner that will brighten and define your eyes while still looking soft.

A couple examples of Eyeliner done by Ashley:

Finding The Perfect Brow Colour


I had a lady come in to have her Eyebrows done with me this week who at first glance seemed like any other client so my mind immediately went through colour options I was going to use for her. Luckily as a part of my process I begin by applying the pigment I think we should use to her actual skin to see how her undertones will affect the colour. To my surprise none of the colours matched properly, they all pulled too warm (red/yellow) and too cool (blue/grey/green). In the ten years I have been doing permanent makeup I have never had this happen. I was so surprised and excited for the challenge. After a long process and multiple attempts at mixing different custom colours, I finally found the perfect match by using camouflage and eyeliner colours of all things. It was beautiful and matched perfectly! So, the morale of this story, always make sure your technician does a colour test prior to applying anything permanently!



Travel Plans: Texas & Arizona Appointments Available.

Hi Everyone, I have some great news! I will be traveling back to Texas and will be booking appointments at Hired Hands in Pearland, Monday March 11 for anyone who is interested. I will also be booking appointments in Arizona near Mesa the week of March 18th. I will be there for two and a half weeks so there will be plenty of time for new procedures and touch ups. Let me know if you are interested by clicking here.



Scar Camouflage

I had the same gentleman ask me to fill in some areas left with no pigmentation after having skin cancer removed from his chest and back. After finding a pigment that was a perfect match to his skin tone and tapping it in. He only had to wait a couple of days to see the results…

Hair Restoration for Men


I had a gentlemen come in the other day asking if I have ever worked on someone that has had either a hair graft or hair plugs. The process leaves a large scarred area on the scalp where hair no longer grows. So this is what we did, I was able to give the illusion of hair by using a very fine curved implement and a method called Hair Stroke. After about three sessions I asked a trusted hairstylist to take a look at this man’s hair and didn’t tell the Stlylist what he was looking for, just to tell me if he could see anything that didn’t look right or in place. He couldn’t tell the difference between what I had done and the man’s actual hair, I took that as a compliment. He was floored when I showed him the area I had worked on. 

Why Softap?

I’ve had a lot of questions lately about different types of permanent makeup and why I choose to use the softap method. I personally find this metohod to be the most natural and comfortable method of permanent makeup. There are a lot of women that are under the misconception that permanent makeup will look like a tattoo. It can with other methods because of how deep the machines penetrate the skin, but not with the softap method. The hand held impliments are very similar to ancient egyptian methods of pigmentation (tattooing). The very tip of these fine impliments gently breaks the surface of the skin allowing the colour to settle just underneath the surface. This results in a very soft natural look that resembles makeup much more than a tatoo. The depth of the colour is determined by how deep the technician goes, this allows for a range of natural to dramatic looks that are all soft and look beautiful. This method creates a lasting look that is beautiful for women in all stages of life.



Catching Up

This month has flown by! I’ve been back working at Esthetik Fetish and been busy with clients as well as a class that I’ve been teaching for the past four weeks. I’ve met some great ladies these past few months and am blown away about the response since I’ve been home. Well good news ladies, I’m here to stay! So if you’re looking to freshen your look for summer and be a low maintenance wash and go kind of girl but still look great….. Give me a call. I’m now booking appointments the second week of June. 519-758-8336.

Back to Texas

Well It’s been a few months now since I’ve been gone and I promised I would come back to the Houston area to visit all my beautiful clients and that time has come. I will be in Texas the week of April 30th to tend to all your permanent makeup needs. If you would like a touch up please contact me through this website. I have limited bookings available so please let me know as soon as possible to ensure your appointment.

Eyelash Extensions Half off!!!

Actual Eyelash Client

Alright Ladies I know I’ve been talking up Individual Eyelash Extension lately so here is your chance to try them out for HALF PRICE! For the entire month of April I will be offering A full set of Eyelashes for $125. This will also include an eyelash tint for those that need it! To book please send me a message on my contact page or call Esthetik Fetish and mention my website. 519-758-8336. I cant wait to see all your gorgeous faces and watch you transform into the low maintenance beauties. xo Ashley

Individual Eyelash Extensions — Actual Client Below

I’ve had quite a bit of interest in Individual Eyelash Extensions lately so I thought I’d blog a bit about it.  I am currently applying Lavish Lavish Lashes out of Esthetik Fetish in Brantford ON. The process is quiet lengthy (2 hours for your first full set)  but really worth it. I isolate one of your own individual lashes and apply a single longer fuller darker lash with a medical grade adhesive to your very own single lash. The results are beautiful! You can hold your lashes up to 2 months but will require regular fills in between sets (about 2-3 weeks) to keep them looking full and luxurious. Take a look at a before and after below….

Before Eyelash Extensions

After Eyelash Extensions