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Why Softap?

I’ve had a lot of questions lately about different types of permanent makeup and why I choose to use the softap method. I personally find this metohod to be the most natural and comfortable method of permanent makeup. There are a lot of women that are under the misconception that permanent makeup will look like a tattoo. It can with other methods because of how deep the machines penetrate the skin, but not with the softap method. The hand heldĀ impliments are very similar to ancient egyptian methods of pigmentation (tattooing). The very tip of these fine impliments gently breaks the surface of the skin allowing the colour to settle just underneath the surface. This results in a very soft natural look that resembles makeup much more than a tatoo. The depth of the colour is determined by how deep the technician goes, this allows for a range of natural to dramatic looks that are all soft and look beautiful. This method creates a lasting look that is beautiful for women in all stages of life.