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Specialty Work / Hair Strokes

I’ve had some interest lately in Individual Hair Strokes which are beautiful but quite the process. I had a gentlemen come in awhile back and he was looking to have his eyebrows done. This was a first for me but I was excited to step up to the challenge! Although it was a bit of a process it was well worth it in the end.(be sure to Scroll down and click on all the images for a full size view!)

For those of you wondering what it looks like and what the process is her you go….


After the first Session:

The Hairs look very defined and almost painted on but when they fade after a few days they will have a much more natural look 

After the second session:

The Hairs from the first session have completely healed allowing us to layer more hairs in the brows to give a fuller more natural look

After the third session:

This is where we are mainly adding all the final touches and have a pretty good idea of what the final result will look like. Once completely healed this man will have the illusion of full handsome brows!